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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Definitions for narcissism

  1. excessive love or admiration for oneself; in psychoanalysis, gratification manifested in admiration and love of oneself

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Citations for narcissism
Dr. Marion Solomon, a Los Angeles psychologist and author of "Narcissism and Intimacy," said that true narcissists are startled when their spouses say they are miserable in the relationship. Jan Hoffman, New York Times
They found that the number of "Friends" on a person's Facebook and the number of "wallposts" they have there correlated with their narcissism. That figures, Buffardi suggests, as narcissists tend to have lots of shallow relationships rather than a few solid ones. Jennifer Huget, The Washington Post
Origin of narcissism
by 1822, from Greek Narkissos, beautiful youth in mythology (Ovid, "Metamorphosis," iii.370) who fell in love with his own reflection in a spring and was turned to the flower narcissus.