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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Definitions for oblique

  1. not straight up and down or across; slanting
  2. in military use, by turning 45 degrees
  3. something oblique, such as a line or figure

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Citations for oblique
Both novels were direct and oblique, not mentioning 9/11 but addressing the question of how you retain your humanity after the unthinkable has entered your life. Charles Taylor, New York Times
Theodor Geisel's response to Hitler was more oblique than Stauffenberg's, but as effective. Yertle, king of the pond, commands all the turtles to stack themselves up so he can be top of the heap. Someone's riding for a fall. ,
Origin of oblique
late Middle English
by 1425, from Middle French oblique, from Latin obliquus "slanting, sidelong, indirect," from ob "against" + root of licinus "bent upward," from Proto Indo-European base *lei- "to bend, be movable."