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Friday, December 26, 2008

Definitions for paltry

  1. almost worthless; trifling
  2. of no worth; contemptible, despicable

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Citations for paltry
The Denver defense is in tatters, ranking among the worst in the league, surrendering 31 points to a Raiders team that had been averaging a paltry 12.8 per game. Mark Kiszla, Denver Post
It has long been acknowledged, for instance, that the British Secret Intelligence Service has compensated for its paltry size - it has about one-tenth the manpower of the CIA - by leveraging the reputation of its most famous fictional spy, James Bond. Kelly M. Greenhill, Los Angeles Times
Origin of paltry
by 1565, probably associated with dialectic palt, pelt "trash," cognate with Middle Low German and East Frisian palte "rag," and Middle Dutch palt "broken or torn fragment." Comparative and superlative forms are paltrier and paltriest.
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