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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Definitions for qualify

  1. to make or become fit or competent
  2. to give legal power; to make or become legally capable
  3. to make less strong; to modify or limit the strength or meaning of

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Citations for qualify
To qualify, the homeowner must provide proof that he has suffered a hardship, such as losing a job, that made it impossible to keep up with payments. Renae Merle, The Arizona Republic
If they conclude that they're likely to lose less by allowing delinquent borrowers to go to foreclosure rather than refinance into Hope loans, they would be free to do so, even if their borrowers qualify and want to participate. Kenneth R. Harney, The Washington Post
Origin of qualify
by 1465, from Middle French qualifier "to characterize by attributing a quality," from Latin qualis "of what sort" + facere "to make."
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