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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Definitions for ramble

  1. to wander about
  2. a walk for pleasure without predetermined destination
  3. to talk or write about one thing and then another without useful connection

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Citations for ramble
As you ramble along them, it is difficult not to feel something of a peeping-tom; this is Surrey at its most intimate, with arches over garden gates framing views of tile-hanging and leaded lights. Clive Aslet,
Pierce and Carmen were on a northward walk markedly better organized than our own: having rambled throughout Europe, they had entrusted a local company to plan their trip. Gregory Dicum, New York Times
Origin of ramble
c 1443, unknown origin, perhaps frequentative of romen "to walk, go" of via romblen "to ramble." The vowel change was probably influenced by Middle Dutch rammelen, a derivative of rammen "used of the night wanderings of the amorous cat."
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