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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Definitions for jettison

  1. to throw goods overboard to lighten a ship or aircraft in distress
  2. the act of throwing goods overboard when a craft is in distress; also, the goods thrown overboard
  3. (figurative) to throw away; discard

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Citations for jettison
He guessed that Richardson decided to jettison the facial hair after his wife found it scratchy. Liz Sidoti, Boston Globe
But with economic anxiety sweeping the public, some banks have decided to jettison traditional ads touting products and instead market traits like stability and security. Paul Donski, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Origin of jettison
late Middle English
noun by 1425 from Anglo-Fr. getteson, from Old French getaison "act of throwing (goods overboard)," especially to lighten a ship in distress, from Late Latin jactionem, from jectare "toss about." The verb is first attested 1848.
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