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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Definitions for canine

  1. of or like a dog or member of the dog family
  2. any animal belonging to a group of meat-eaters including dogs, foxes, and wolves
  3. pertaining to a canine tooth

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Citations for canine
Several police departments with canine squads similar in size to the Prince George's unit reported few -- if any -- cases of dogs biting officers. David S. Fallis and Craig Whitlock, The Washington Post
First came Netflix and Zipcar. Now comes a company that plans to rent dogs to Bostonians willing to pay steep fees for a canine friend without worry of commitment. Sarah Schweitzer, Boston Globe
Origin of canine
by 1398 as "pointed teeth," from Latin caninus "of the dog," from canis "dog," from Proto Indo-European base *kwon- "dog." The adjective is attested from 1613 and the noun meaning "dog" is first recorded 1869.