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Friday, February 20, 2009

Definitions for ellipsis

  1. three dots used to show an omission in writing or printing; the omission of a word or words in text

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Citations for ellipsis
These efforts are to no avail, however, because the author can't leave anything unsaid, any ellipsis gaping: sooner or later someone will say what everything means, and maybe more than once. Frank Rich, New York Times
Mr. Gabler postulates the skip of an eye from one ellipsis to another, leading to the omission of several lines -- the longest omission in the book. Richard Ellmann, New York Times
Origin of ellipsis
by 1570, from Latin ellipsis, from Greek elleipsis "a falling short, defect, ellipse," from elleipein "to fall short, leave out," from en- "in" + leipein "to leave." Grammatical sense first recorded 1612.