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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Definitions for pedant

  1. a person who makes a show of detailed knowledge, esp. relying on books; also, a narrow-minded teacher or scholar

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Citations for pedant
All too often, science fiction provokes the pedant in professional scientists, for whom a beautiful story can be ruined by a single petty error. Jerry A. Coyne, New York Times
Yet Eyton is no little pedant; he confesses frankly that for a boy of 9 he does not know much Greek, though his Latin is adequate. Robertson Davies, New York Times
Origin of pedant
c 1586, "schoolmaster," from Middle French pédant, from Italian pedante "teacher, schoolmaster," apparently an alteration of Late Latin paedagogantem, from paedagogare. Meaning "person who trumpets minor points of learning" first recorded 1593.