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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Definitions for propinquity

  1. Nearness in place; proximity.
  2. affinity of nature; similarity.
  3. Nearness in time.

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Citations for propinquity
On Saturday in his home town, Dunblane, Murray marries his long-time partner Kim Sears. In a little over a month he turns 28; Djokovic, who married his long-time partner Jelena Ristic after winning Wimbledon last year, will celebrate his 28th birthday exactly a week after Murray. They are umbilically linked, a blessing as much as a curse, because such propinquity serves up constant comparison. Kevin Mitchell, "Andy Murray must work harder if he is to end Novak Djokovic torture," The Guardian, April 5, 2015
Following the race he took umbrage at Stewart's rough driving so early in the day, and the propinquity of the two drivers' haulers allowed the Kid to express his displeasure up close and personal. Mark Bechtel, Sports Illustrated
Origin of propinquity
Propinquity entered English in the mid-1300s and can be traced to the Latin propinquitās meaning "nearness."