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Monday, September 28, 2009

Definitions for sinuous

  1. Characterized by many curves or turns; winding.
  2. Characterized by graceful curving movements.
  3. Not direct; devious.

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Citations for sinuous
Long gone are the days when a "robotic movement" meant something jerky, awkward, and stiff: The new robo-fish that have just been unveiled by engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology swim through the water with sinuous grace. Eliza Strickland, Discover Magazine
A single tree
With sinuous trunk, boughs exquisitely wreathed,
Grew there; an ash which Winter for himself
Decked out with pride, and with outlandish grace
William Wordsworth, The Prelude, Book VI, "Cambridge and the Alps"
Origin of sinuous
Sinuous is from Latin sinuōsus, from sinus, curve.
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