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Friday, November 13, 2009

Definitions for carapace

  1. The thick shell that covers the back of the turtle, the crab, and other animals.
  2. Something likened to a shell that serves to protect or isolate from external influence.

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Citations for carapace
Desperate to win his father's attention and respect, Kennedy became a hard man for a long while, covering over his sensitivity and capacity for empathy with a carapace of arrogance. Evan Thomas, Robert Kennedy: His Life
Almost all the vivid, eyewitness accounts we have . . . date from a quarter of a century later, when Degas, celebrated and successful, had developed a crusty, cantankerous carapace, from which he emerged occasionally to deliver his famously caustic and enigmatic mots. Christopher E. G. Benfey, Degas in New Orleans
Origin of carapace
Carapace comes from French, from Spanish carapacho, itself of uncertain origin.