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Monday, November 30, 2009

Definitions for couture

  1. The business of designing, making, and selling highly fashionable, usually custom-made clothing for women.
  2. Dressmakers and fashion designers considered as a group.
  3. The high-fashion clothing created by designers.

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Citations for couture
The stars of the 1920s, for whom Rudolph Valentino and Gloria Swanson might stand as archetypes, were chauffeured about the city in exotic automobiles, lived on great estates, spent fortunes on their couture. Kevin Starr, The Dream Endures: California Enters the 1940s (Americans and the California Dream)
Today's idea: In the midst of a recession, red America and blue America have come together, in a way, through "workwear couture" an essay says. "Never has it cost so much to look like you're just coming home from the mill or the assembly line." Tom Kuntz, New York Times
Origin of couture
Couture is from French meaning sewing, from Old French cousture, from Vulgar Latin cōnsūtūra, from Latin cōnsuere, cōnsūt-, to sew together.