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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Definitions for lambent

  1. dealing lightly and gracefully with a subject; brilliantly playful: lambent wit.
  2. running or moving lightly over a surface: lambent tongues of flame.
  3. softly bright or radiant: a lambent light.

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Citations for lambent
American Literature would surely be the poorer if the great Boston Brahmin had not enlivened it with his rich humor, his lambent wit and his sincere pathos… William Lyon Phelps (1865–1943), edited by Harold Bloom, "Mark Twain," Mark Twain, 2009
The sea that night gleamed with the moon's lambent silver and drew to its surface many squids dazed and fascinated by the light. Rachel Carson, "The Edge of the Sea," Life, Vol. 32, No. 15, 1952
Origin of lambent
Lambent comes from the Latin term lambere meaning "to lick." It entered English in the mid-1600s.