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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Definitions for expatiate

  1. To speak or write at length or in considerable detail.
  2. To move about freely; to wander.

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Citations for expatiate
He had told her all he had been asked to tell--or all he meant to tell: at any rate he had been given abundant opportunity to expatiate upon a young man's darling subject--himself. Henry Blake Fuller, Bertram Cope's Year
At the midday meal on fair day, a large one (meat loaf, boiled potato, broccoli), Mrs. Lucas, married to the man with the earache, expatiates on the difficulties of caring for a parakeet her daughter has unloaded upon her and which, let out of its cage for an airing, has escaped through the door suddenly opened by Mr. Lucas. William H. Pritchard, Updike: America's Man of Letters
Origin of expatiate
Expatiate is from Latin expatiari, "to walk or go far and wide," from ex-, "out" + spatiari, "to walk about," from spatium, "space; an open space, a place for walking in."