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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Definitions for sachet

  1. A small bag, case, or pad containing perfuming powder or the like, placed among handkerchiefs, etc., to impart a pleasant scent.
  2. Also, sachet powder, the powder contained in such a case.

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Citations for sachet
Select a filler of snowflake geranium, polyester fill, or rabbit tobacco –– enough to make the sachet fluffy. Bibby Moore, Growing with gardening: A Twelve-month Guide for Therapy, Recreation, and Education
For a very lovely handkerchief case, take a piece of lamb's wool twelve inches wide and nine inches long; spread thickly with sachet powder. , Good Housekeeping
Origin of sachet
Sachet can be confused with sashay, "to move, easily or nonchalantly."