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Saturday, May 01, 2010

Definitions for omnific

  1. Creating all things; having unlimited powers of creation.

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Citations for omnific
Said then th’ omnificWord, your discord end:/Nor stay’d, but on the wings of Cherubim/Uplifted, in paternal glory rode/Far into Chaos, and the world unborn/For Chaos heard his voice: him all his train/ Follow’d in bright procession to behold/Creation and the wonders of his might. Milton, Book VII, Paradise Lost
Then was issued that omnific mandate which Longinus and others have so much admired for its sublimity, grandeur, and brevity. George Brewster, A New Philosophy of Matter: Showing the Identity of the Imponderables, and the Influence Which These Agents Exert Over Matter in Producing All Che
Origin of omnific
Omnific also occurs as omnificent and ominificence, a noun.