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Monday, May 03, 2010

Definitions for jnana

  1. Absolute knowledge acquired through meditation and study as a means of reaching (in Hinduism) Brahman; (in Buddhism) a state of awareness independent of conceptual thought.

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Citations for jnana
In the world there are too many fools passing as devoted to God for want of the strength of jnana, knowledge, and buddhi, reason. Ranganathananda (Swami.), Elva Linnéa Nelson, Human being in depth: a scientific approach to religion
What jnana yoga teaches is that man, besides having a lower mind that creates illusions, also has a higher mind. Jacob Needleman, Dennis Lewis, On the way to self knowledge
Origin of jnana
Jnana is a Sanskrit word for knowledge that refers to a state of authentic awareness that is identical with absolute, and possibly divine, knowledge.