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Thursday, May 06, 2010

Definitions for perpend

  1. To ponder; deliberate.
  2. To be attentive; reflect.
  3. A large stone passing through the entire thickness of a wall.

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Citations for perpend
"So I do, madonna; but to read his right wits is to read thus: therefore perpend, my princess, and give ear. William Shakespeare, Twelfth night, or, What you will
Let us each ponder the probity of global harmony. Might we perpend that tranquility can be more than a theory? When we cast a ballot, let us consider imminent combat and intentional communication. Which would you choose? Heed the call. Our children's future is in our hands. Betsy Angert, Clinton, Obama, Citizens; Our Children's Future is in Your Hands
Origin of perpend
While perpend as a noun means "a large stone passing through the entire thickness of a wall" (related to perpendicular), the verb form not only possesses a different pronunciation but also emerges independently from the Latin root perpendere, "to weigh carefully."