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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Definitions for malapert

  1. Unbecomingly bold or saucy.
  2. A malapert person.

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Citations for malapert
"There never was a man so plagued as I am with a malapert knave! The fellow is shrewd, and I have found him faithful —I believe he loves me too, and he has given proofs of it—but then he is so uplifted in his own conceit, so self-willed and so self-opinioned, that he seems to become the master and I the man— and whatever blunder he commits, he is sure to make as loud complaints, as if the whole error lay with me, and in no degree with himself." Sir Walter Scott, The fortunes of Nigel, Volume 1
To this end I should have sent it off much sooner, had it not been for the account of some malapert agent who attempted to slander and condemn the work coming my way most unexpectedly at the very moment when I was finishing my perusal thereof. Jan Trefulka, A Czech Fairy Tale
Origin of malapert
Malapert relates to the Old French mal apert, "ill-skilled," which means malapert and expert share a common ancestor.