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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Definitions for kibitz

  1. To chat; converse.
  2. To look on and offer unwanted, usually meddlesome advice to others.

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Citations for kibitz
The servers, too, hit the right tone for a neighborhood restaurant — not afraid to kibitz a little when they see you're open to it, but respectful of your time and your time with your tablemates. Jonathan Kauffman, "At Frances, sometimes less is less," SF Weekly
I enjoy best working in solitude. I do not like having buddies drop by to kibitz. And that is how I spent much of my free time in Atlanta. Colin L. Powell, Joseph E. Persico, My American journey
Origin of kibitz
It derives from the Yiddish kibetsn, which is equivalent to the German kiebitzen, "to look on at cards."