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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Definitions for habitué

  1. One who frequents a particular place, especially a place offering a specific pleasurable activity.

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Citations for habitué
Knicks habitués, for example, were beside themselves when erstwhile James disciples turned on him in light of his subpar numbers; they prayed that the unwarranted knee-jerk reaction would make the King abandon any plans of re-upping with the Cavaliers and instead look Gothamward for his new home. Anthony L. Cuaycong, "Courtside: MVP James," BusinessWorld Online
The habitués decided that "Bob McAdoo was up to somethin'." A stranger, who had of late frequented Haggin's saloon, also remarked these events. His opinion was given privately to MacPherson. Henry Russell Miller, The Man Higher Up
Origin of habitué
Habitué comes from the French past participle of habituer, "to frequent." The English habituate is closely related.