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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Definitions for plucky

  1. Having or showing pluck or courage; brave.

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Citations for plucky
Little Orphan Annie will soon skip off into the newspaper sunset, Tribune Media Services announced last week in canceling the plucky 86-year-old redhead. Michael Cavna, "Why canceled 'Little Orphan Annie' is really seeing her final 'tomorrow'"
He was very plucky and didn't say a word, only trembled a little; and Mother got scared and took him out of his little bed and into her own. Sigurd Hoel, Sverre Lyngstad, The road to the world's end
Origin of plucky
Plucky is originally boxing slang from the 1800s, from the meaning "heart, viscera" as that which is "plucked" from slaughtered livestock.