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Friday, May 21, 2010

Definitions for baksheesh

  1. A gratuity, present or tip.
  2. A gratuity, tip, or bribe paid to expedite service.
  3. To give a tip.

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Citations for baksheesh
James Stuart and Nicholas Revett painted and measured until 1753, when their mission was cut short by the arrival of plague and the fact that Stuart had punched the baksheesh-demanding British consul. Sonia Van Gilder Cooke, "Defining Moment: An expedition to Athens sparks architecture's Greek revivalism," Financial Times of London
Dr. Pinsker promptly . . . sent eight thousand francs ... to pay the seller and to pay baksheesh, and to pay baksheesh upon the baksheesh, ad infinitum. David Vital, The Origins of Zionism
Origin of baksheesh
Baksheesh originally was a common term for a tip in Near Eastern countries such as India and Egypt. The Persian bakhshish, "gift," derives from the verb bakhshidan, "to give."