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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Definitions for scuttle

  1. To run with quick, hasty steps; scurry.
  2. A deep bucket for carrying coal.
  3. A small hatch or port in the deck, side, or bottom of a vessel.

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Citations for scuttle
The 49-unit apartment building in Bronx River has a tally of woes almost impressive in magnitude. It has 663 open violations. Its walls shed lead paint, rain seeps through collapsing ceilings, and cockroaches and rats scuttle across its buckled floors. Cara Buckley, "Judge Loses Patience With a Bronx Landlord", New York Times, May 2010
Inside U:Us, one of the biggest stores here, the scenes are no less manic. Rapt-looking buyers, notebooks in hand, scuttle from stall to stall, striking and abandoning deals on bulk buys. Niels Footman, "Sleepless in Seoul? Head out for a night of... Shopping",, May 2010
Origin of scuttle
Scuttle may be related to the similar verb scud, "to run or move quickly." Both words probably derive from the Middle English scottlen, "to move away."