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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Definitions for oleaginous

  1. Having the nature or qualities of oil.
  2. Containing oil.
  3. Producing oil.

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Citations for oleaginous
Oleaginous micro-organisms are considered an attractive alternative source of lipids due to the possibility of reducing the cost of production processes using inexpensive substrates, their ability to synthesize a range of different products, finding more efficacy and strain availability of genetic techniques for improvement. Malena Valdivieso, "MicroBiOil: From Crude Glycerin to Biodiesel", Biodiesel Magazine
Therefore, we must dedicate massive resources to reach the former price, where oil becomes the oleaginous, messy, valueless liquid that it was before the industrial revolution. Lyon Roth, "A green light unto the nations", Globes Online
Origin of oleaginous
Oleaginous derives from the Latin oleaginus, "of the olive."