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Friday, June 25, 2010

Definitions for cakewalk

  1. Something easily accomplished.
  2. A 19th-century African-American tradition in which walkers performing the most accomplished or amusing steps won cakes as prizes.
  3. The music that accompanies such a competition.

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Citations for cakewalk
This will be a cakewalk, I tell myself, even though I'm up against a pair of convicted killers. Kurt Streeter, "Tennis is serious sport in San Quentin Prison", Los Angeles Times, May 2010
Though it may be baffling to consider, watching you grow up isn't necessarily a cakewalk for your parents. Melissa Kirsch, The Girl's Guide to Absolutely Everything
Origin of cakewalk
The origin of cakewalk lies in the 19th century African-American tradition where a cake was given as a prize for the fanciest steps in a procession. The phrases "piece of cake" and "take the cake" may derive from the cakewalk.
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