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Monday, July 05, 2010

Definitions for squelch

  1. To put down, suppress, or silence, as with a crushing retort or argument.
  2. To strike or press with crushing force; crush down.
  3. To make a splashing sound.

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Citations for squelch
But Beijing has few other outlets for investing its vast cash holdings and was quick to squelch any suggestion that it was losing confidence in the euro, which would only undermine the value of its own reserves. Aileen Wang and Simon Rabinovitch, "China Says Europe Key Market", Reuters, June 2010
He didn't care for her engagements, her campaigns, or all the expectancy of her friends; to squelch all that, at a stroke, was the dearest wish of his heart. Henry James, The Bostonians: a novel
Origin of squelch
Squelch has uncertain origins, though it bears a relationship to the obsolete quelch and quash.