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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Definitions for prognosticate

  1. To forecast or predict (something future) from present indications or signs; prophesy.
  2. To provide an indication of future events through actions or signs.

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Citations for prognosticate
While it's too early to prognosticate if soccer can work its way into the upper echelon of sports in the U.S., the game certainly is riding a high. Greg Cavanaugh, "Football at Fenway Perfect Fit for 2010 Summer of Soccer," The New England Sports Network, July 2010.
This task was accordingly undertaken by the lame lieutenant, who, among other paragraphs, read that which follows, with an elevation of voice which seemed to prognosticate something extraordinary: ' We are informed, that admiral Bower will very soon be created a British peer, for his eminent services during the war, particularly in his late engagement with the French fleet.' Tobias George Smollett, The adventures of Peregrine Pickle
Origin of prognosticate
late Middle English
Prognosticate derives from the Latin prognōsticāre, "to tell the future."