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Monday, August 02, 2010

Definitions for spatchcock

  1. To insert or interpolate, esp. in a forced or incongruous manner.
  2. A fowl that has been dressed and split open for grilling.
  3. To prepare and roast (a fowl) in this manner.

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Citations for spatchcock
Government business managers tend naturally to spatchcock what may appear to them as esoteric bills into business after 10 pm at night. Tam Dalyell, "Westminster Scene," New Scientist, July 1971.
Though not paid for a rewrite and reluctant to do one, he nevertheless began to spatchcock a script from the various drafts. Paul Seydor, Peckinpah: The Western Films - A Reconsideration
Origin of spatchcock
Spatchcock is possibly an alteration of spitchcock, "an eel that is split, cut into pieces, and broiled or fried."