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Friday, August 13, 2010

Definitions for attar

  1. A perfume or essential oil obtained from flowers or petals.
  2. Also called attar of roses; rose oil.

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Citations for attar
As I saw no one I stood bewildered, my hair on end in a kind of ecstatic delight, and a faint scent of attar and unguents almost effected by age lingered in my nostrils. Rabindranath Tagore, The Hungry Stones & Other Stories
The shearers reclined against each other as at suppers in the early ages of the world, and so silent and absorbed were they that her breathing could almost be heard at the end of the ballad, when the last tone loitered on to an inexpressible close, there arose that buzz of pleasure which is the attar of applause. Thomas Hardy, Far From The Madding Crowd
Origin of attar
Attar is a shortened version of the Persian atar-gul, "essence of roses."