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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Definitions for arch

  1. Cunning; crafty; sly.
  2. Obsolete. A person who is preeminent; a chief.
  3. A curved masonry construction for spanning an opening.

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Citations for arch
Shimell, an opera singer by trade, brings an arch theatricality to his role, making Miller sit comfortably as both a pompous author and a withdrawn husband. Michael Leader, "'Certified Copy' Review,", September, 2010
Janney's performance is arch and knowing, as she mocks the mother who dispenses anti-depressants to her kids like candy and eventually tells them, "I lied to you because I love you." Bret Harte, "'Life During Wartime' Review," Danville Express, August, 2010
Origin of arch
Arch originally meant "chief," as in an archangel, but took on the sense of "mischievous" in the 1660s.
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