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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Definitions for emend

  1. To free from faults or errors; correct.
  2. To edit or change a text.

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Citations for emend
Then, wrapped in silence, Nola hurled herself once more against everything she knew she could not remit or revise, could never emend, could only begin to imagine. Susan Dodd, O Careless Love: Stories and a Novella
In editing Griffith, there is a temptation to emend away a considerable number of commas in the copy texts as frank errors, for example, those commas that separate subjects and verbs, in violation of one of our modern rules. Mrs. Griffith (Elizabeth), Cynthia Booth Ricciardi, Susan Staves, The delicate distress
Origin of emend
late Middle English
Emend comes from the Latin emendare, "to free from fault."