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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Definitions for palingenesis

  1. Rebirth; regeneration.
  2. In biology, embryonic development that reproduces the ancestral features of the species.
  3. Baptism in the Christian faith.

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Citations for palingenesis
His acquaintance with the family dated from their social palingenesis, when, after obscure prosperity in a southern suburb, they fluttered to the northern heights, and were observed of the paragraphists. George Gissing, The Whirlpool
A perfect palingenesis was wrought by the restorer of the Persian empire, which pretty nearly re- occupied (and gloried in re-occupying) the very area that had once composed the empire of Cyrus. Thomas de Quincey, The Caesars
Origin of palingenesis
Palingenesis is the combination of two Greek roots: palin, "again," and genesis, "source."
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