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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Definitions for bespoke

  1. Made to individual order; custom-made.
  2. Of the making or selling such clothes.
  3. (Archaic:) Engaged to be married; spoken for.

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Citations for bespoke
Because of this, he could barely read, and his writing - a bespoke system of hieroglyphics legible only to him - as good as determined his job on the factory line. Helen Walsh, Once upon a time in England
Other efforts to commandeer cell signalling have tended to be "one-offs of bespoke engineering", he says, whereas Smolke's circuit can be used to tap into a wide range of biological pathways in different types of cells. Ewen Callaway, "Bespoke genetic circuits rewire human cells,", November, 2010.
Origin of bespoke
Bespoke is an artifact of the archaic English verb bespeak, "to arrange beforehand."