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Friday, December 17, 2010

Definitions for horripilate

  1. To produce a bristling of the hair on the skin from cold, fear, etc.; goose flesh.

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Citations for horripilate
And he screamed it out as he lay against her breast, making her forget all about what might or might not be happening up in the Jefferson Tract, freezing her scalp to her skull and making her skin crawl and horripilate. Stephen King, Dreamcatcher: a novel
A good example is the great but frequently wounded quote of Mark Twain's on writing, a quote that causes, when done right, my forearms to horripilate. Dick Cavett, Talk Show: Confrontations, Pointed Commentary, and Off-Screen Secrets
Origin of horripilate
Horripilate is a compound of two Latin roots,horri-, "to bristle," and pil-, "of hair."
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