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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Definitions for Nth

  1. Being the last in a series of infinitely decreasing or increasing values, amounts, etc.
  2. (Of an item in a series of occurrences, planned events, things used, etc., that is thought of as being infinitely large) being the latest, or most recent.

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Citations for Nth
Early in the evening, when the rush hour was on, he used to - we were working on the nth floor then - lift up the window, run his hand in his pocket and toss out every cent of silver he had. Richard Wright, The outsider
Then, for the nth time, Dad was scandalized and furious at the cruelty of those who were attacking the city. Nenad Veličković, Celia Hawkesworth, Lodgers
Origin of Nth
Nth is the figurative use of the mathematical term indicating indefinite number, in which n is an abbreviation for number.
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