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Friday, December 24, 2010

Definitions for chaffer

  1. To bargain; haggle.
  2. Bargaining; haggling.
  3. To bandy words; chatter.

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Citations for chaffer
'Ours was a place where profit-seeking Phoenician master mariners would come to chaffer the ten thousand gewgaws in their ships: also my father had a Phoenician woman among his bond-maids. Homer, The Odyssey
Joy came to bear to it the offering of its thanksgiving and to vow sixpenny bits to the Lord, prosperity came in a high hat to chaffer for the holy privileges, and grief came with rent garments to lament the beloved dead and glorify the name of the Eternal. Israel Zangwill, Children of the Ghetto: a study of a peculiar people
Origin of chaffer
Chaffer is an alteration of the Middle English chapfare, "a trading journey." The archaic chap maintains a modern presence in the common term related to shopping, cheap.