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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Definitions for powwow

  1. To confer.
  2. A ceremony, esp. one accompanied by magic, feasting, and dancing, performed for the cure of disease, success in a hunt, etc.
  3. A council or conference of or with Native Americans.

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Citations for powwow
He had a more detailed phone conversation with the outgoing Paterson to begin hashing out the logistics of taking over. They agreed to powwow in person soon, sources said. Kenneth Lovett, "Governor-elect Andrew Cuomo chats with President Obama, Gov. Paterson one day after triumph," New York Daily News, November, 2010.
Okay, why don't you boys pull up a seat, let's powwow on this. James Howard Kunstler -, World Made by Hand
Origin of powwow
Powwow derives from the Narragansett tribal word for a spiritual leader who receives guidance from dreams.