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Monday, January 10, 2011

Definitions for lickerish

  1. Fond of and eager for choice food.
  2. Greedy; longing.
  3. Lustful; lecherous.

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Citations for lickerish
His regular features, strong to the point of coarseness, would as readily harden to an expression of energy and cool astuteness as they would relax into a look almost lickerish as though relishing a savory tidbit; and he was, in fact, equally at home whether driving a bargain with shrewd peasants or arguing with a stubborn salvage gang, or whether sitting with gray-bearded sinners over the last bottle of port wine, listening to stories more than salacious or telling them with the picturesque frankness for which he was noted. Jens Peter Jacobsen, Niels Lyhne
He that either for quantity eats more than his health or employment will bear, or for quality is lickerish after dainties, is a glutton ;-as he that eats more than his estate will bear, is a prodigal; and he that eats offensively to the company, either in his order or length of eating, is scandalous and uncharitable. George Herbert, The works of the Rev. George Herbert
Origin of lickerish
Likerish shares a common ancestor with the less positive term lecherous. The Old French licherous,"pleasing to the palate," evolved into both English words.
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