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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Definitions for mansuetude

  1. Mildness; gentleness.

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Citations for mansuetude
For indeed, it is possible to attain a state of divine mansuetude that nothing dismays and nothing surprises, just as one in love might, after many years, arrive at a sublime tranquillity of the sentiments, sure of their force and durability, through constant experience of their pleasures and pains. Honoré de Balzac, Jordan Stump, Adam Gopnik, The Wrong Side of Paris
You are safe, dear old man, you are safe, temporarily, in the mansuetude of our care, Julie said. Donald Barthelme, Donald Antrim, The dead father
Origin of mansuetude
Mansuetude derives from the Latin mansuescere, literally "to tame by the hand."