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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Definitions for dharna

  1. In India,the practice of exacting justice or compliance with a just demand by sitting and fasting at the doorstep of an offender until death or until the demand is granted.

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Citations for dharna
Surely thou hast heard that Munda Ram, banker, having failed to procure his moneys from Narain Das, thy kinsman, hath sworn to obtain them by dharna? Maud Diver, Siege perilous: and other stories
You've never reached up, awestruck, to touch these ties and brought the entire rack down on your head so that you sat swathed in a riot of colors, held down by a dharna of textures, trapped in a gherao of ties. Shashi Tharoor, Show business: a novel
Origin of dharna
Dharna is a Hindi word literally meaning "a placing."