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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Definitions for eclat

  1. Brilliance of success, reputation, etc.
  2. Showy or elaborate display.
  3. Acclamation; acclaim.

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Citations for eclat
It was a great object with her to escape all enquiry or éclat; but it was her intention to be as decidedly cool to him as might be compatible with their relationship ; and to retrace, as quietly as she could, the few steps of unnecessary intimacy she had been gradually led along. Jane Austen, Northanger abbey: A novel
Aimee's Bistro combines Parisian eclat with contemporary California beach chic in this well- established bistro. , Los Angeles Magazine, June, 2004
Origin of eclat
Eclat comes from the French eclat, "fragment, burst, splinter, flash," which relates to esclater, "to burst, break violently."