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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Definitions for peregrinate

  1. To travel or journey, especially to walk on foot.
  2. To travel or walk over; traverse.

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Citations for peregrinate
The old show man and his literary coadjutor were already tackling their horses to the wagon, with a design to peregrinate southwest along the sea coast. Nathaniel Hawthorne, Tales and sketches
It was likewise part of her duty to peregrinate the Square and its planted enclosure with little Roland (whose baptism had been a grand affair) for a daily airing, and then there was no mistress to watch her footsteps, or to know what associates she formed beyond the limited range of the drawing room windows. Mrs. George Linnaeus Banks , The watchmaker's daughter and other tales
Origin of peregrinate
Peregrinate derives from the Latin peregrinatus, "in the act of transit."
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