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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Definitions for yin

  1. A principle in Chinese philosophy associated with negative, dark, and feminine attributes.

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Citations for yin
Han adds that the principles of yin and yang plus the five elements explain how all things in nature grow on the basis of mutual interactions. Reggie Aspiras, "'Kalbi,' 'bulgogi,' 'bibimbap'-the yin and yang of Korean food,", 2011
The department's ragingly-successful Facebook page needed a communication avenue that would complement its change-a-minute, do-whatever-I-want attitude - a partner in crime, a yin to it's yang, a Starsky to it's Hutch. Jake Poole, "Makeover adds tools to Medina Police website," Sun Star Courier, Medina Sun, 2011
Origin of yin
Yin, almost always in association with yang, means "bright" in Chinese.