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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Definitions for wiredrawn

  1. Finely spun; extremely intricate; minute.
  2. Drawn out long and thin like a wire.

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Citations for wiredrawn
I am aware that many educators consider such reading foolish and harmful, but I care nothing for wiredrawn pedagogic theories. Hamlin Garland, Keith Newlin, A Daughter of the Middle Border
When his right arm rises, all the force in his veins flows straight from shoulder to fingertips; not an ounce is diverted into sudden impulses, sentimental regrets, wiredrawn distinctions. Virginia Woolf, Jacob's Room
Origin of wiredrawn
Wiredrawn is a back-formation from the verb to wiredraw, "to draw (metal) out into wire, especially by pulling forcibly through a series of holes of gradually decreasing diameter."