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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Definitions for cater-cousin

  1. An intimate friend.

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Citations for cater-cousin
The world talks loudly of your learning, your skill, and cunning in arts the most abstruse ; nay, sooth to say, some look coldly on you therefore, and stickle not to aver that you are cater-cousin with Beelzebub himself. Thomas Ingolds, The Ingolds legends; or, Mirth and marvels
A discovery already operated upon elsewhere has given to vessels of glass the toughness of metal, and in consequence the delicate Venetian ware which was said to be so finely tempered that it would break in the hand of its owner should poison be offered him therein will become cater-cousin to substantial cooking utensils, which will endure the very highest temperature and the hardest blows incidental to "high life below stairs." Charles Richard Tuttle, Ames Castle Pennock, The centennial Northwest: an illustrated history of the Northwest
Origin of cater-cousin
Cater-cousin combines the common English cousin with Cater-, an archaic prefix meaning "to buy, or serve."