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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Definitions for torrefy

  1. To subject to fire or intense heat.
  2. In pharmacology, to dry or parch drugs with heat.
  3. To roast, as metallic ores.

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Citations for torrefy
A coffee-roaster answers for this purpose, taking care not to torrefy them too much, as the oil of the nut suffers thereby, and it becomes a dark brown or black, grows bitter, and spoils the colour of the chocolate Ernest Spon, American library edition of workshop receipts, Volume 2, 1903
The eloquence of statesmen will not sear War's naked wounds, nor may one torrefy / The solemn lines of a gifted sonneteer. , Canadian Poetry Magazine, 1945
Origin of torrefy
Torrefy stems from the two Latin roots torrēre "to dry up" and facere "to put, or make so."