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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Definitions for usufruct

  1. The right to use the property of another as long as it isn't damaged.

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Citations for usufruct
She shall have the usufruct of field and garden and all that her father gave her so long as she lives, but she cannot sell or assign it to others. Charles Francis Horne, Rossiter Johnson, John Rudd, The Great Events by Famous Historians
Others might advise you to settle the capital on your wife's relatives, so that if you were to die it would not go to your own family, and meanwhile to enjoy the usufruct during your own lifetime. Denis Diderot, Philip Nicholas Furbank, This is not a story and other stories
Origin of usufruct
Usufruct is a legal term derived from two Latin roots, usu-, "use," and fruct, "fruit."