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Monday, July 25, 2011

Definitions for handsel

  1. First encounter with or use of something taken as a token of what will follow.
  2. A gift or token for good luck or as an expression of good wishes.
  3. A first installment of payment.

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Citations for handsel
Breakfast done, the seekers made little delay, so eager as they were to behold the King, and to have handsel of their new sweet life. William Morris, The Story of the Glittering Plain: Or the Land of Living Men
Or (if what they say is true and the ability cum willingness to speak the unspeakable proves the unspeakable's on the way out at last) does it on the contrary provoke a handsel, a prosperous new era, one long overdue, for all concerned? Michael Brodsky, Limit point
Origin of handsel
Handsel is a venerable English word, literally consisting of "hand" and an early word for "gift."